Upcoming Pro-fé-cia shows

Pro-fé-cia has a few shows coming up in the next couple months, including a couple local shows.

We’ll be playing Dirty D’s X-treme Band Showcase in San Bernardino next Saturday. We go on at midnight, but there are lots of great bands on the bill, including our good friends Sangre, Army of Darkness, and Contortion. Darrell’s shows are always a great time too, with plenty of food and drinks, so spend the whole day hanging out and support IE metal.

We’re also playing the Spring Breakdown Festival in Whittier on April 25th. This is a big festival set up by our good friends over at Dead Sea Records featuring Escape The Fate, Otep, Ill Niño, our frequent road-mates Black Oil, and tons of other great bands local and touring. It should be a ton of fun.


We’re also playing Force Fest in Guadalajara on May 9th with Judas Priest, Overkill, Carcass, Bujeria, Wehrmacht, Vital Remains, Death Angel, and many more. We’re working on some additional Mexico dates (because we love Mexico SO much) that will lead up to the show. More details on that once everything is booked.