August/September shows

I totally missed the July update, but that’s just because there were shows out the wazoo! August has been no different so far, so here’s the breakdown:

Fox & the Red Hares will be at Mission Tobacco Lounge this Wednesday, August 24th. We will then be at Papa Joe’s Pizza on Friday, the 26th, for an acoustic set. Then we will be at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa on Wedneday, September 7th with Porter & the Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes. Very excited for that show!

The Copycats will be back at our regular spot, Shady Nook, in Brea, on Saturday, September 10th.

The Rockaways will be at the Blacklight District Lounge, in Long Beach, on Sunday, September 4th. We’ll also be at the 5-Star Bar in Los Angeles on the 24th. Details on other dates for September are still being worked out, but there should be 2-3 more shows for the month.

As always, check the calendar for the most recent updates and show information. That parses the info straight from my own Google Calendar, so it’s always the first thing that gets updated.

June shows

June is always a busy month for me. This year is no exception.

Fox & the Red Hares will be back at the Doll Hut on the 11th, along with our friends Boyfriend Material, Jimi Lewis & the Muckers, and many others. We will also be making our debut at the Hideaway Cafe in Riverside on Tuesday, June 21st. Check out for more details.

The Copycats will be making two appearances Katiejakes in Covina. First will be June 9th, then again on the 30th. We’ll be playing from 11-1230 on both nights.

The Rockaways will be playing this Thursday and Friday. Thursday we will be at Los Globos in Silverlake, and Friday we will be at the Doll Hut in Anaheim. Check out the Rockaways facebook page for more info.

And finally, after a long time away, I’ll be playing with Pro-fe-cia again on June 12th. More details to come.

April shows

I’ve been REALLY bad about keeping this site updated. Things have been busy since NAMM.

Anyway, April shows!

Fox & the Red Hares will be playing at Papa Joe’s Pizza this Friday, the 8th, doing a special acoustic folk set. Then we’re headed back to the Inland Empire Brewing Co on Saturday, the 9th. We’ll be joined by our friends Small Spaces and Boyfriend Material. $2 off all beer pours all night too!

The Rockaways will be in full effect this month. Playing MTL in Riverside on the 15th. Then we’ll be at Paladino’s in Los Angeles on the 23rd.

The Copycats will be back at our regular spot, Shady Nook in Brea, on the 16th.

Come on out and have a good time!

Shubb F1 Fine Tune Capo Review + “Restless Soul” lesson

I was at NAMM this past weekend and picked up on of Shubb’s new F1 models. It’s an old-fashioned “stirrup style” capo, like those popular with bluegrass players. But it has a few upgrades to that design that really set it above the rest (like the McKinney Elliott, which retails for an absurd $135US)

It’s all solid stainless steel, with a large rubber pad on the main brace and two smaller ones on the side to prevent the metal from banging against the sides of the neck. The frame has nice, rounded edges and a very slim profile. I find it less obtrusive than any other capo I’ve ever used, although this is the first stirrup style capo I’ve tried.

The adjustment screw is large and has soft round edges as well. There are numbers engraved into the 6 sides of the screw, which make for a convenient reference when tightening (I now know that I need it set to a 3 when I’m on the 4th fret, for example) The whole thing closes very securely with a jewellers clasp.
I also like that I can store it above the but when not in use. I live with my brother, and he often borrows my guitar and a capo. When he’s done with the capo, he just sets it on the couch or something and then it’s missing for a couple days. Now I can just leave it on the guitar all the time.
It’s quickly becoming my favorite capo, and I’ve been using the classic Shubb model for almost 20 years.

Definitely worth a try if you’ve got the cash and can find one. They aren’t planning to make this a major model, just fulfilling some requests from the players that use this style of capo exclusively (i.e. bluegrassers). Still a very cool, top-notch product.

You can check out the video below, which also includes a lesson on the Fox & the Red Hares song “Restless Soul”, which is available on our debut album.

Tabs are available in PDF or GuitarPro formats.

January shows

Haven’t been posting a lot here recently. Ever since the release of the Fox & the Red Hares record, I’ve been a bit burnt out. Still keeping busy though!

The Copy Cats will be at Katie Jakes in Covina this Sunday (December 10th). It’s a short set (just an hour), and pretty early (4:30pm) but it’ll be fun. Then we’ll be at our regular spot, Shady Nook in Brea, on the 16th.

I’ve also been playing with Ramones tribute band The Rockaways recently. It’s always a ton of fun. We’re playing at Bar 1650 in Corona this Saturday, the 9th. We’re closing the evening, but there will be bands playing all night.

Finally, Fox & the Red Hares will be all over SoCal this month. We’ll be at the District Lounge in Redlands on Thursday, the 14th. Then we’ll be at the Doll Hut in Anaheim Saturday, the 23rd with our good buddies Jimi Lewis & the Muckers. Then we’ll be at Lot 1 Cafe in Echo Park on the 29th with our new buddies Countless Thousands!

Oh yeah! F&tRH are also back in the studio! We’ll have a new single out soon!

December shows

Really been lagging on the updates recently. November turned into an odd month. I got in a really serious car wreck, and while I wasn’t hurt, it sort of tossed everything up in the air for a while.

Anyways, lots of shows coming up. Fox & the Red Hares are at Mission Final Lounge TONIGHT with the Stillwinter and Aesthetic Perfection. It’s a charity show benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. We will also be at the Menagerie in Riverside this Sunday (December 6) and the Inland Empire Brewing Co next Friday (the 11th).

I’ll also be making a couple appearances with the Rockaways, who do a Ramones show. We will be at the Doll Hut this Saturday, December 5th, for a food drive, and at Mission Tobacco Lounge on the 19th.

The Copycats and Pro-fé-cia also have some shows in the works for the month, but the details aren’t finalized yet. Check the calendar to keep up to date.

Fox & the Red Hares release show and more!

Fox & the Red Hares will be releasing our debut album (title to be revealed soon) on November 5th at Mission Tobacco Lounge, where we will be joined by our good friends Boyfriend Material and Zentonic. Get yourself to downtown Riverside nice and early and enjoy the art walk, then drop in for a full night of great music!

We will also be making our LA debut a week before, on Friday, October 30th at the Kibitz Room at Canter’s on Fairfax. Boyfriend Material will also be there, along with the Will Miller Band.

Or, for you Orange County folks, come by the Slidebar on Sunday, November 8th for the Geek Meet. We will have our new record and new shirts available.

But what about the Copycats? We’ll be playing our spot, Shady Nook in Brea, this Saturday, October 17th. Then, we’ll be back at Surf Dog’s in Huntington on Friday the 23rd.


Recording completed!

Fox & the Red Hares just finished up the final touches on our album (which will be released Nov. 5)

A huge thanks goes out to our producer/engineer Pete over at Planet X Recording Studio for making it all sound amazing. Once he’s finished with the final mix, we’ll be sending the tracks off to Shadowlit Studio in Miami for mastering.

We will be revealing the title/artwork/track listing/etc over the next few weeks leading up to the release party (November 5 at Mission Tobacco Lounge). Check back here or the Fox & the Red Hares website or our facebook page for updates.