June shows

June is always a busy month for me. This year is no exception.

Fox & the Red Hares will be back at the Doll Hut on the 11th, along with our friends Boyfriend Material, Jimi Lewis & the Muckers, and many others. We will also be making our debut at the Hideaway Cafe in Riverside on Tuesday, June 21st. Check out http://foxandtheredhares.com for more details.

The Copycats will be making two appearances Katiejakes in Covina. First will be June 9th, then again on the 30th. We’ll be playing from 11-1230 on both nights.

The Rockaways will be playing this Thursday and Friday. Thursday we will be at Los Globos in Silverlake, and Friday we will be at the Doll Hut in Anaheim. Check out the Rockaways facebook page for more info.

And finally, after a long time away, I’ll be playing with Pro-fe-cia again on June 12th. More details to come.

Upcoming shows

The next couple of months won’t be as busy as the last two, but there’s still plenty of stuff happening:

Fox & the Red Hares will be focusing on recording for the month of August, so the August 30th show at Pixels got moved to Sunday, September 13th. The Copycats will be back at Shady Nook in Brea on Saturday, October 3rd, and Pro-fé-cia will be back in action at the Metal Before Dishonor festival in Long Beach on October 10th.

That’s it for now, but more shows may pop up.

Upcoming shows

Lots of shows lined up in the next few weeks for both Pro-fé-cia and Fox & the Red Hares.

Pro-fé-cia will be taking part in the Spring Breakdown festival this Saturday (April 25th) along with Otep, Ill Niño, Escape The Fate, Black Oil, and tons of others.

Then we’re headed to Mexico for two shows. First, we will be in León with Destruction on Thursday, May 7th. Then Saturday, May 9th, we will be taking part in ForceFest with Judas Priest, Overkill, Carcass, DeathAngel, Brujeria, Wehrmacht, Grim Reaper, Vital Remains, and many others.




Fox & the Red Hares will be making appearances at the Inland Empire Brewery on May 2nd with our friends Bedroom Talk. We will also be playing during Saturation Fest May 23rd-24th. We’re playing Mission Tobacco Lounge that Sunday at 8. Then, May 30th we will be playing at the Office Saloon in San Bernardino with our buddies Mondo Inferno.


Lots o’ stuff happening.

Upcoming local shows

Local shows practically every Saturday for the next few weeks. As always, you can check the calendar to keep up to date, but here they are:

  • April 18th the Copycats have our regular gig at Shady Nook in Brea
  • April 25th Pro-fé-cia will be part of the Spring Breakdown Festival at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena in Whittier
  • May 2nd will see Fox & the Red Hares back at the Inland Empire Brewing Company in Riverside

After that, Pro-fé-cia will be hitting the road to Force Fest with Judas Priest May 9th in Guadalajara.

Busy, busy, busy… but that’s the way it goes.

Upcoming Pro-fé-cia shows

Pro-fé-cia has a few shows coming up in the next couple months, including a couple local shows.

We’ll be playing Dirty D’s X-treme Band Showcase in San Bernardino next Saturday. We go on at midnight, but there are lots of great bands on the bill, including our good friends Sangre, Army of Darkness, and Contortion. Darrell’s shows are always a great time too, with plenty of food and drinks, so spend the whole day hanging out and support IE metal.

We’re also playing the Spring Breakdown Festival in Whittier on April 25th. This is a big festival set up by our good friends over at Dead Sea Records featuring Escape The Fate, Otep, Ill Niño, our frequent road-mates Black Oil, and tons of other great bands local and touring. It should be a ton of fun.


We’re also playing Force Fest in Guadalajara on May 9th with Judas Priest, Overkill, Carcass, Bujeria, Wehrmacht, Vital Remains, Death Angel, and many more. We’re working on some additional Mexico dates (because we love Mexico SO much) that will lead up to the show. More details on that once everything is booked.

Pro-fé-cia in San Bernardino

Pro-fé-cia will be playing the Xtreme Band Showcase presented by Dirty D of X103.9 on Saturday, March 21st. This will be our only local show for some time. We will also be playing our new material for the first time in the US. These songs have been getting a great response from the crowds in Mexico. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too.

Also on the bill are our good friends Sangre, Army of Darkness, Contortion, and many others. It should be a great night of IE metal.


Pro-fé-cia returns to Guadalajara

Hot off the press! Pro-fé-cia will be returning to Guadalajara May 9th for the Force Metal Fest with Judas Priest, Brujeria, Overkill, Death Angel, Carcass, Vital Remains, Grim Reaper, Exhumed, Wehrmacht, and over a dozen other bands representing the Mexican scene!

We haven’t been to Guadalajara since Hell & Heaven 2013. Looking forward to this awesome festival.