Grover Perfect Guitar Nut – first impressions

I’ve got something coming up that’s going to require some slide playing, so I thought I’d give this little gadget a try. It’s just a chunk of aluminum (I think) that you put over your existing nut to raise the action up for lap steel playing.

Now, in the video, I was just playing it like a normal bottleneck slide. It works that way, but since then I’ve been playing that guitar as a lap steel (as intended) and it works much better.

still don’t understand what they mean by their promise that it “will not throw your guitar out of tune”. It’s a bizarre thing to put on the package… and they put it there twice! You’ve got to completely detune the guitar to put it on there, and intonation is all on you when it comes to slide playing. Of course, that’s got nothing to do with whether or not the product works as intended, which it does, but it’s still a weird thing to put on the package.